Does Lasting Tales provide only decoration service?
As we grow, designing a wedding theme and decoration has always been our main product and service. But if you like us to be your wedding planner and coordinating the entire event, we will be mostly honored.

What is the rough pricing for a customized wedding decoration? 
Decoration comes with a very subjective pricing that is based on your requirement, budget, material as well as venue and location. We do not usually fix a price for our decoration service. For example, a home-based akad nikah ceremony decoration can start from RM1,000 and a hall wedding may start from RM2,500.

If I choose to have you as my wedding planner, would you charge differently?
I would say yes as planning someone’s tale required long hours of work and at the same time is an honorable responsibility that I’m already dedicated to it. It would also be safe to say “yes” that by hiring me as your planner would not cross your budget, since I’ve mentioned before that we work exactly on a budget and requirement. However there might be a certain minimum amount of budget that only I can work with, which I will elaborate more upon our meetings.

Can I reuse the same decor from one wedding venue to another?
You sure can! We will only charge you a minimal transportation fee to the second venue and all touch up will be provided for free. Though I hope you can bear in mind if flowers were involved in the decor, they might not appear so fresh for the second time around, considering our hot and humid weather.

Does Lasting Tales charge a fee for design concepts?
No we do not. We are happy people who’d always love weddings as much as you do. We can be just as happy if our ideas are being used.

How many consultation am I allowed until we get the theme exactly as I wanted?
You can have as much consultation sessions as you like but in my experience, I can usually get it right on the first and second round. I’m gonna need to befriend with you, learn your personality, likes and favorites before I implemented the ideas in your wedding theme.

I’ve heard that Lasting Tales only uses flowers.
That is not true, although I believe flowers are the most essential part of a wedding. However, if you like to reduce the usage of fresh flowers in your weddings, we can always replace them with other details such as paper flowers, candles, fairy lights and many more. Anything that can excite you.

Lasting Tales seems like a new wedding planning company. Why should I hire you?
Indeed we admit that we are quite young in this field but to gather specifically, we have all experience needed to run this fun industry. We can even custom-design a wedding or event for a minimum of RM2,000 that looks fabulous. As individually experiences, we have conceptual designers in the team; fashion, graphic, interior, florist. We also have young and strong team mates that are very passionate towards any given tasks. Not to forget the vendors that we’ve been working together with since the past few years. Give us a chance to work for you and you’ll find many interesting things along the journey.

If you have any questions about our products and services, do not forget to leave a word or two and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Email your enquiry to


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  1. mona iman

    October 11, 2011 at 8:10 am

    hye alya, i just send an email to u. waiting for your reply eagerly hihi


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