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Wedding Song: God Gave Me You

THis is a post response for Wedding Inspiration: Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

Haaa.. have you ever heard ofย Blake Shelton? FYI Shelton just got married to his super lovely wifeย Miranda Lambert. For that, Shelton latest single ‘God Gave Me You’ would be just perfect for all country fans couples.

Check it out. Hope you like it :)~


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Wedding Song: Painted On My Heart

This is a post response of Wedding Inspiration: Outdoor Rustic

Ahaha.. I doubt if this version of a slow rock had ever being played in a wedding before, but the theme rustic just ngam with if don’t you think? If you’re a rocking couple, maybe you should have it. OST Gone in 60 seconds

“am thinking outside the box.. at least once in a while” ๐Ÿ˜€

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Wedding Song: Like A Star

Oh my, you’ve gotta love this! This was taken from an epic scene in 27 dresses *the ending part where James says ‘Get Over Here’ to Jane*. Epic Epic cause James was sooooo Handsome tau hihi. Enjoy!


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Wedding Song: Twilight’s OST

Ok first of all, I’ve just got to let you hear this song. I don’t about you guys, but when I listen to this melodious instruments, I pictured a brides’ dance in a ball, fairy lights, flair gowns, a boy and a girl. Oh well, if you like it then have this beautiful song played in your weddings ๐Ÿ™‚

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Wedding Song: So Close

This evening I got really bored dining alone at home. My gf went out with other friends and I was so lazy to join them. Being alone at home, I cooked my fav Asam Laksa Maggi and tried to find a movie to go along with it. Found 1! Enchanted! *was one of my fav dinner movie tho* :’)

So I enjoyed eating my maggi and watched the movie entirely, totally forgot that the movie had this one romantic song: So Close by Jon McLaughlin. It was played at the ball scene right before the mean stepmother became a monster. Roar!

What do you think of the song? I think it’ll be nice to play it in your wedding.

Enjoy Gals! I gotta get a quick zzZZzz :*

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Wedding Song: Loving You

Okay i’m quite sure that most of us have heard this song, Loving You by Minnie Riperton (original version). It is one of many brides’ favorite choice and it quickly becomes famous at weddings for some reason. Such a perfect love song for your better half ๐Ÿ™‚


As for you who would probably like the new touch, sang by Leona Lewis, tell you frankly, it is indeed as good as Riperton’s. So enjoy!

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