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Wedding Inspiration: Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

I don’t fancy Blake Shelton + Miranda Lambert‘s wedding as much as my mentors do, but there are some ideas that I would really love to get you guys into it. Shelton and Lambert just got married recently (well I’m not here to talk about some musicians we hardly know) and they had a real rock-n-roll wedding that was all about themselves; songs, personality, country-ish and fun! Here are some ideas that I would love to have it done for you (like seriously!!!) πŸ™‚

Such a magical ceremony!

Love the wedding cake! Some kinda mysterious-rock-n-roll type πŸ˜€

So, are you a rock-n-roll couple? πŸ™‚


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Wedding Inspiration: Psychedelic Pink

I’ve always look for rare styles that might suit well in weddings. This inspirational idea came from Melissa Elise and thought it would be nice to share it with the brides out there. I love its details, mostly how they pull the fabric together and made it just right.

I hopeΒ to help couples pull their styles + interests together and this one is just so beautiful! The flower bouquet, the dress, the centerpieces, the cake!

Don’t we all love the tall pink candles and the bowls?

I love the display and am in love with the gorgeous cake.

Hope this will inspire you πŸ™‚


Wedding Cake: Pair it with the Gown

I love it when some elements in your bride gowns become the entire idea of your wedding cake design. It can be the lace, the material, details like ring, necklace, sash, or even the bride’s hairdo, anything.

Some of the ideas were taken from Aileen and Ellen from loveandlavender and thought I’d share it with my fellow brides in Malaysia.

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