Hi, the person behind this blog is me, Alya Tan. Engaged and not yet married thehehehe.

I’m obsessed and so inspired with weddings since I don’t know when. And before I go through telling things about myself, I give most credits of this blog’s contents to a friend, a mentor, Jen from Green Weddings Shoes in Southern California. Jen I’m your biggest fan Jen! Jen you rock Jen!! 😀

As I’ve always love the ideas of intimate weddings, I’d like to change, well not to change the world as I must say, but enough to re-route the ideas of gala weddings in Malaysia (you know, I call it gala cause in Malaysia, big and successful weddings always defined by a huge hall, over 1000 guests, giant dias and so on) into more intimate ones.

But it’s the brides choice. I’m here simply to bring you ideas and let you think a lil bit outside the box of how weddings can be a lil different with decorations and planning.

So just sit and lay back, enjoy the writings and hopefully, there is some ideas and details that might caught your interest that you’d like to add ’em to your weddings. Cheers~


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