Wedding Inspiration: Harry Potter The Movie

This blog entry is specially dedicated to all big fans of Harry Potter out there! 😀

So if you couple haven’t decide which theme would be fun to style your wedding, we provide all you Harry Potter fans with some swoon-worthy wedding inspiration! We wanted to see a shoot that would emanate “Hogwarts” without coming across like a child’s birthday party, so the photographer had decided on an earthy, aged but magical feel to the shoot, and settled on a color scheme of purple, moss green and gold. Even if you aren’t familiar with the books + movies, I think you will find inspiration in this lovely shoot.

Just love the drink table! Which drink would you choose? 🙂

Thanks so much to Jen for sharing this idea with us! And perfect ideas for a Fall wedding also, right? I hope all you Harry Potter fans out there love these ideas as much as I do! 🙂

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Wedding Inspiration: Vintage Retro

Vintage = The Bride

Retro = The Groom

Vintage + Retro = Vintro Wedding!

If you are a strong heart future-wifey that always want things to go your way, or even if you are the future-hubby that always have things your way, well, the idea might solve the problem. 😀

Be creative and have fun, in the end it will all be worth it! 🙂

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Wedding Song: God Gave Me You

THis is a post response for Wedding Inspiration: Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

Haaa.. have you ever heard of Blake Shelton? FYI Shelton just got married to his super lovely wife Miranda Lambert. For that, Shelton latest single ‘God Gave Me You’ would be just perfect for all country fans couples.

Check it out. Hope you like it :)~


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Wedding Song: Painted On My Heart

This is a post response of Wedding Inspiration: Outdoor Rustic

Ahaha.. I doubt if this version of a slow rock had ever being played in a wedding before, but the theme rustic just ngam with if don’t you think? If you’re a rocking couple, maybe you should have it. OST Gone in 60 seconds

“am thinking outside the box.. at least once in a while” 😀

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Wedding Inspiration: Outdoor Rustic

I have always love how western visualized their type of marriage: simple and intimate. Unlike the typical weddings in our country, the western brides care more about their comfortability and how they want their personality been added into their weddings. Not to mention that the celebration should be between them and those who loved them, not some stranger of a friend or a coworker of a coworker that you’ve never seen or talked before.

In intimate weddings, often you’ll find rare style, rare details, rare items and even rare food. Who would’ve thought you’d find a bride in a flat tom? 😀

So here some style I’ve found today. Lets see if there’s anything you like…

Now you’d be wondering on where on earth you could find the antlers used in the decor above. You won’t believe me if I tell you that you can find them at your nearest ‘kedai 2 ringgit‘. Some of us won’t even bother to go to such store as they sell cheap stuffs and sometimes won’t worth buying (even though it’s as low as RM2). Of course they’re fake ones but hey, definitely worth buying right? 🙂

What do you think of the idea? Just do let me know if any of you dare to use the antlers 😉


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Wedding Inspiration: Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert

I don’t fancy Blake Shelton + Miranda Lambert‘s wedding as much as my mentors do, but there are some ideas that I would really love to get you guys into it. Shelton and Lambert just got married recently (well I’m not here to talk about some musicians we hardly know) and they had a real rock-n-roll wedding that was all about themselves; songs, personality, country-ish and fun! Here are some ideas that I would love to have it done for you (like seriously!!!) 🙂

Such a magical ceremony!

Love the wedding cake! Some kinda mysterious-rock-n-roll type 😀

So, are you a rock-n-roll couple? 🙂


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Wedding Song: Like A Star

Oh my, you’ve gotta love this! This was taken from an epic scene in 27 dresses *the ending part where James says ‘Get Over Here’ to Jane*. Epic Epic cause James was sooooo Handsome tau hihi. Enjoy!


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